Monday, 5 December 2016

Mentally Disturbed 'Transwoman Child' Man Plans for Gay High School

Some of you might remember this man (renamed Stefonknee Wolscht) from a viral YouTube video about how he was special snowflake and needed to be listened to. He is a 53/54 year-old man who identifies as a child, basically, like a little girl. He has been adopted by the two people you see in the picture and he has let his now grown-up children in the process.

You'd think, that was the end of that, but no, he returned for an awful video about transgender-inclusive bathrooms where he ended up feeling excluded from the men and the women's (even though he's both, I guess?) and other 6-year-old shenanigans.

And now, he's in the laylight again. All you need these days to be platformed is queer behaviour and an unsteady mind! So, he is now proposing that Toronto create a high school for LGBTQ+ students only. Wow, so, when the Muslims will come, they'll know exactly where to bomb and they'll be dancing in the streets with glory for Allah!

Kids can experiment, they can try to make-out with the same sex and have fun, I think, but then they need to grow up and no longer be children. We tell queer kids to grow up, to stop fetishizing sex and just move on with their lives in order to make them understand that heterosexuality is normal and that being gay, is not.

This is just absolutely ridiculous, and I needed to report on it because I can barely comprehend the level of retarded this is. I have no more words. I'm done.

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