Monday, 21 November 2016

CNN Reporter Sally Kohn's Lesbianic Pedophilia

In this absolutely vile and disgusting article, Sally Kohn projects her sexual feelings toward another woman onto her daughter (not sure if adopted or biological). She lives in an uppity neighbourhood surrounded by rich white people and probably suffers 0% intolerance from her neighbours because what's lesbianism when you're rolling in a pool of greed and sin already?

She desires her daughter to be a lesbian. This is the most disgusting thing I've ever read, and yet, it echoes feelings I used to have when I was an insane SJW who fetishized homosexuality. It's clear that she does--she's an SJW (and Jewish). A few years ago, I wished to have children in the future and I wished them to be gay, simply because I thought it was 'cooler' and more 'rebellious' to be gay, also easier since no pregnancies would arise.

But apart from the dewy-eyed otaku-like feelings one has for gays in their teenhood and early adulthood, when a mature adult wishes their own child to be sexually attracted to not only the same-sex but in the same sexual structure as they are, that's projection and it has sinister pedophilic undertones. Why does Kohn even obsess over her 6-YEAR-OLD's sexuality like this? I'm thinking she's probably fantasized about her sexually. Homosexuals these days accept all of their sexual feelings for whatever, they embrace them and they even humanize and valorize pedophiles, so it's clear that for her to be able to be a lesbian and have this identitarian ideology of acceptance, she has to accept that she wants her daughter to be a lesbian BECAUSE she has sexual feelings for her. It's this weird double-think where she cannot deny and suppress her sexual lesbian feelings for her young daughter because it would be 'bad' emotionally, and therefore 'accepts' it, but refuses to lose face and admit that she's a pedophile, so twists it around and makes it all about the 6-year old. Ugh.

Lesbians have projected onto me in the past. I've spoken about them in numerous other posts, but they attempted to make me into a sexual degenerate by claiming that because I had enjoyed making out with a girl in college that I was bisexual and that I should be allowed to have a polyamourous relationship with a woman in my already-built family life. I never wanted to be a lesbian, even when I fetishized the concept--being with a woman was always 'weird' in the end to me, and I never cared about social pressure, so I know it came all of from me. Well, I cared about social pressure when I became a conservative, because I understood its use.

People born in wealth are born in vice. Many SJW's are high middle class people who value personal, individual growth but not in a healthy way, in a hedonistic, debauched kind of way that is far from God, or a secular version of potential actualization. Sally Kohn is born in the nepotistic-dynasty of 'God's chosen people' and has Original Sin flowing in her veins. She proudly asserts her degeneracy, refuses to humble herself in front of the Lord and nature itself and posts this God-awful article in the Washington Post.

This is a really 'homophobic' post compared to this last one I wrote, which was much more moderate and 'rational', but there is just something tragic about the children of lesbians or gays. It's not family, it's not right, it's not sacred, it's a perversion and an abomination and it breaks my heart.

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