Sunday, 20 November 2016

They Would Enslave Us

I have a theory. It's  theory that if American whites would cave in to BLM and black people's demands for reparations for slavery, they would take what would be given to them and one of these two things would happen.

1. They would get enough power to further enslave whites to do their bidding.


2. They wouldn't know what to do with their gifts and would squander them.

I say this and I know the rate of black people in America is going down. Blacks abort far more than whites proportionally speaking, and they murder each other at a ridiculous rate.

The point that I'm making is simple: if blacks would have power, they would turn to the might of the in-group and do everything to oppress whites. As a majority in the US (for hopefully sometime, go Mormons! Breed!!) white people are very kind to POC and their minorities. If the majority were black, I doubt they would be kind like they say they would. This reminds me of the typical socialist dude who says 'If I would have money, I would give it all away'. Yeah, sure you would. Blacks don't seem to know what do to with power. I'm not saying they're never able to rule, heck Ethiopia runs pretty well, but the victimhood complex of Black Americans is ingrained into them that the next generations will have contempt for white people and still consider them oppressors. But there is so much of Africa that is war-torn, rape-filled, slavery-abundant, dictatorship and cartel-run, that if America would be majority black, it would likely dissolve into a similar state. White men built civilization and only those who build something knows how best to run it, generally speaking. Of course there are blacks who surpass their in-group's physical and mental enslavement and become great people. I am a fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson--he's an astounding scientist and a revolutionary speaker on the behalf of science. I admire him and he gives me hope, but he is an extreme minority, and he does not talk about race because he knows how touchy a subject it is.

They have always told whites that they are not allowed to have white pride, that they are not allowed to agglomerate into groups of our own race, because we are a majority, because we already have everything we could hope for. But what if, what IF we would become a minority? We would have no structure or organization to come under than those who are deemed 'hateful' in nature. If whites become a minority in America, and that they are outbred by others, they will not have coalitions of peace, protests in the streets, riots, small organizations--if whites come together, they will come together under the organizations that are already there. Neo-Confederates, Neo-Nazis, and the KKK will quadruple in numbers. We will become nepotistic; we will keep things for ourselves and emulate those who have preserved themselves the best despite persecution. We will have our own nepotistic dynasties, we will show the world the hardiness of Nordic milk-drinkers; we will show them that we do not need to weep for our status as a minority, and our power in coming together as one people.

They wouldn't enslave us for long, but they would try and they might be able to suppress us for a little while, until we rise up white men and women together, one moving block that will steamroll this uncontrollably chaos into an ordered supremacy once more.

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