Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Feminists: Red Pill or Sterilize

As much as I wish feminists would realize that the way they see the world is not so far off to how we see the world and then break free from their anger, I would also like to see them not have any children. There is some similarities between sex-negative feminism and the Alt-Right. The only difference is patriarchy. Anyone on the right is willing to accept the patriarchy, and has made peace with it. Western Women, however strong the patriarchy, have the freedom to have a job, to choose her mate, to go on birth control, and to have a general safe environment to live in. For feminists, this isn't enough. Let's not get into sex-positive feminism because it's just degenerate and rather distasteful to speak about at this point. Sex-negative feminists are angry at a system they believe in white male-run, when we are both targeting the same Jewish system. It's not white males that own most corporations, that desire to cause degeneracy in the world, that teach women it's all right to be a sex object, that it's powerful to be sexually promiscuous, to be a prostitute, etc It's the Jews. I do think that intersectionality was funded and executed by Jews, in order to target white men, the founders of the West, in order to seed this social anarchy that we see so prominently today.

But I digress.

Feminists, and I used to be one, so I know this quite well, think that men are all raised to hate women, to think women are inferior, and grow up watching porn, their parents apathetic to this, and then are taught that all women want to be fucked by men really badly so much that they don't need consent and can all just rape women and it's all right.
Well, there's a bit right there. Pornography, which is total and utter degeneracy, ruins young growing men's minds, destroys their chances at a healthy sexuality, and poisons their view of women. We agree here. We also agree that rape is degenerate, savage and scavenger behaviour, and we need to abolish it. So we agree.

But feminists want to reform men. They want men to stop objectifying women, which we know is impossible. They don't want to be in a patriarchy because they have a deep distrust of the patriarchy simply because they believe it values men and not women, or men more and women less. This is where we differ. Women on the right are highly valued, and have high expectations, expectations that now are lower because of the amount of fell women in our midst. To me, a woman who is family-oriented, who does not perform social activism, who does not have a degree in Gender Studies, who does not victimize herself and seeks a strong, dominant and ambitious man as her mate meets the expectations (later will become a mother of children and be a housewife is preferable). Is this so difficult to be in this day and age? It seems to easy to become pregnant these days. It seems like people are constantly attempting to love women and love femininity and yet, no one cares about being a good wife, a supporting female partner to a career-oriented man, a mother, an educator, a resources manager, a cook and all the wonderful 50's things that women were cherished for being.

I found this chart from Google (not sure of the validity) but it's interesting to see the use of the word 'degrading' or 'degradation' being used, and how it seemed at a low peak in the 50's and now is making high strides. Feminists often have a terrible view of women in the 1950's, but I think it was because women then were happy! Women were not being mass raped by pornified 18-27 year olds, they were made into sex objects in the media, they were doing what women are supposed to do, all together! And some even had careers and jobs too! While they see the 50's an a place of inequality and expectations of women constructed to enhance the man's role, we see equity, happiness, a complimenting of the sexes healthy in a society. 

Men don't want women to be degenerates, and this is a good way to understand patriarchy. Men are disposable, and men know this at the core of themselves and so make themselves most useful by building and birthing culture, art and society. Yes, men are stronger, more intelligent (although you guys also have the most stupid among you) and more dominant. This is nature and it is beautiful and to be respected. Women are fairer, more empathetic, more valuable, weaker and generally submissive. This is what men want women to be, much like women want men to be warriors, strong, handsome, dominant, protective, respectful, sophisticated, and more. We have expectations of each other, and when women disrespect their natural order, the fine-tuned way of agricultural life that we've built over the last 6000 years, we find men turning away in shame and disgust. Women are not meant to spoil themselves with liquor, to wander the streets wearing almost nothing and attracting the worse of men to rape them and brutalize them. Women are not meant to go to war, to do dirty sewage work, and to see women attempt to be men, is disheartening. Let men be what they are, let me provide for you, let men prove their masculinity to you as you are to prove your femininity to him. I believe that women tame men, or used to, I'm not sure those women exist anymore.

Feminists, especially women in their 20's now who will remain feminists until their 30's, should probably not have children. Women who have children, don't raise your children as feminists. I wish my mother would have been more disciplinarian with me, because I find myself having to kick my ass and do my chores because I was brought up a lazy, spoiled Millennial. We need structure, we need authoritarian parents, we need a good cohesive society.  I think women who are not family-oriented from their 20's and early 30's have missed the boat and should just remain where they are, in the selfish bubble they have created. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, and intersectionally-minded Marxist women are gone and should be encouraged to have their tubes tied. In the end, women who hate children, motherhood and birthing so much should probably have their tubes tied from their 20's.

I have hope for the illusions of men and women that we have become, because we are aware that we are but shadows on the wall. We have seen the light and we will raise a new generation of healthy, smarter, stronger youth, we will monitor them, we will prevent them from being spoiled, and they will rule our great West with vigor, might, virtue and intelligence.

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