Friday, 11 November 2016


 My University hosts a project that trains perfectly healthy and prosperous students to go to Africa and other third-world countries in order to 'help' and experience the way of life over there. This is one of those issues intersectionalists like to talk about concerning white privilege. Yes, you are privileged to be white and to live in your white-built society. And even when ethnomasochists attempt to tell people that they're white privilege is even more than they thought it was, such as in this HuffPo article, they seem to still think they can go to these places and spend their money in draining programs in order to 'help' the third world:

"$3000 bought us a week at an orphanage, a half built library, and a few pickup soccer games, followed by a week long safari." This line comes from an article titled: The Problem with Little White Girls and Boys 

There is no problem with being better than others, with having more than others, because unlike more savage populations, white people fought and died in order to ensure a good way of life for the now ungrateful children they birthed. I blame feminism for teaching women that men hold them down, by liberating women from motherhood and telling them they will have better lives if they abort their fetuses and have a career. We've been raising prideful, entitled sons and daughters who don't know what it's like to be a man or woman, who squander the civilization that was built for them by thinking it is virtuous to experience the horror we wanted to keep them away from.

"I’m not cut out for seeing extreme poverty and death." from this experienced volunteer

She goes on to say that volunteering made her feel useless. Ethnomasochists will see this and blame is solely on the white man, will see the standard that they come from with resentment, will see themselves as privileged and equate it with spoiled and bratty. In a sense, they will suffer a purple pill of confusion and doubt. In a world where being white is equated with 'badness' and 'privilege' they will not turn back to their countries and understand that white males have given her this luxury and privilege in exchange for thankfulness and gratitude. No, she will hate it, and as we know very well, the left doesn't know how to hate properly. 

Voluntourism is a form of virtue-signalling that leaves white people to understand that they are not meant to leave paradise for the garden of Lilith and the filth that lives there. Africa could be poor like Portugal has been in the past and yet be chaste and helpful, peaceful and loving, but they are not, because of obvious reasons, reasons that would never cross the mind of a blue-pilled ethnomasochistic feminist, poisoned by Zionist psy-ops and a corrupt, divisive media. 

Anyone who has taken the Red Pill knows that Africa will probably never see prosperity like Europe has for centuries, despite the civil wars between them. On the other hand, we cannot have our white population be entitled as they have become, to give into the Jewish banking system, to forgo what they have been sacrificially given in order to prosper. Whiteness is synonymous with greatness and history proves it. You are great, use your greatness! And stay out of the third-world--no matter what good you think you do, you're wasting your life and resources on a helpless cause, and no one thinks you're a better person because your profile pic shows you and the black orphan on your shoulder.

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