Monday, 14 November 2016

Liberalism is Masochism

Masochism seems to be very popular amongst the liberal youth of today. There is a strange paradox between what they do, what they believe and what they say. Liberals say what they feel, demand unique treatment to fit their emotional differences, and often act out in righteous indignation when they think 'society' has gone too far. Activism is now a must for the liberal who feels like everything they live in unfair. Feminists think it is unfair that they live in a patriarchy. Blacks think it is unfair that they live in a majority white country (and call is supremacy, which is sort of is as well and they obviously see that as wrong). Activist behaviour, however, in of itself is masochistic since you're wasting your life thinking you're changing things 

Liberals are ethnomasochists
There isn't anything better than some white guilt in the morning! This is a given but ethnomasochism has its own issues, including cultural masochism, national hate, disdain for the Right, and unnatural trained attraction toward other races. Anti-white sentiment is prominent in liberals to do indigenous studies, African studies, women's studies, gender studies and even politics.

Liberals are mental/moral masochists 
You hear liberals talk about mental health a lot. I've known people who made up mental health problems so much that in order to keep any form of identity and integrity they had to continue lying about it or lose face completely. SJW's are continuously being triggered and feeling depressed and sad. I used to be this and I know why. They're continuously projecting their indulgences and degeneracy into other degenerate people in order to receive validation. Much like how atheists will circlejerk with other atheists etc (everyone circlejerks a bit) liberals will usually only attempt to find other pure liberals who accept all the things they need to accept. The fringe liberals are the 'real' liberals, the radicals basically, since being a liberal but not accepting the radical view makes you this un-liberal person. To me, there isn't any use attempting to be liberal unless you're fully into it, and then that just makes you completely insane and secluded from the rest of the world. People are generally conservative with liberal undertones here and there--for example, even Christians can be nice and tolerant of gays. Liberalism demands people to accept and tolerate anything that comes out of it, anything that the human is capable of doing not only need acceptance and tolerance but understanding and validation.
They do it to themselves in the end. Liberals are highly hypocritical--they think that they can preach one thing and then turn around to do the opposite without consequences. They don't really understand what having an identity is, what it is to set yourself up for a long-term ride. They're short-term pleasure-seekers in the first place, they're artists on welfare, bisexual polyamourous feminists, cucks thinking masculinity is dead, and older men who want younger women to suck their cock after they've screamed their lungs out against the non-existent rape culture. They're moral relativists, they don't care what people do as long as it doesn't hurt in the short term.
Sooner or later, they crack. They have depression due to getting into vicious cycles of sadness and anger, of anxiety and lack of continuity. They have no moral compass, no God, no integrity and they wonder why they're not functional and demand the government to give them disability checks, or they want dogs to follow them everywhere because they've forced themselves into agoraphobia.

Masochistic Feminist Anecdote (because it's almost tragic how hypocritical this is)

This young woman once told me she was raped after meeting a guy online and then going to his house. Yes, clearly it was the most stupid idea in the world, but she said it was his fault, which it was. She blamed it on her lack of intelligence (also true) but then after becoming a feminist and an extreme liberal, realized that nothing was her fault and it was all his fault. She told me this in order to shock me and she did, I turned into a feminist for a few weeks. This was what jumpstarted me into the Alt-Right, funny enough. We spoke here and then about feminist issues and then she told me she used Tinder in order to find fuck dates and then would go to their place or invite them over and have sex with them. I was confused. I told her 'aren't you afraid of them after what happened?' She said: 'No, I trust men despite everything.' Fair enough. She trusts random strangers from Tinder to come over to her place and have sex with her as good men who see her as a human being and not an easy free prostitute. But then she said something like this: 'I mean, when I'm horny, I want to fuck. I'm not going to go through the whole 'date' process. I just want them to come over and fuck me.' This made me sick to my stomach, as she had often done to me with her rape story and her projections and conspiracies about rape culture. It took a while for me to realize that her mentality was a female version of the mentality her rapists had about himself and about her. She kept on telling me 'rapists are usually very charming'. No, rapists are usually very liberal, very fake, very desperate. Charming Reactionaries be like: let's read Mein Kampf and make Biblical connections! XD But I was shocked. She didn't even learn anything from being raped. She didn't learn humility. She only learned that she was a victim and will always be a potential victim of men. Her existence was the perfect cess pool  to breed a feminist worldview, because she chose to be a liberal. A symptom of being raped is prostitution; for her, it was a valid lifestyle, and she to this day, continues to meet and fuck dozens of people (I mean, probably women too) in order to feel alive, in order to connect with her rapists so that she can empathize with him and continue to degrade her spirit by reliving her experience and fetishizing it over and over again under the guise of tolerance, accepting and validation. Now that's masochism.

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