Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Alt-Right Isn't Just Trump Supporters

It is a disturbing thing that recently I was told that my blog seemed to be written by a Jew because I said moderate things like 'perhaps have Muslims in Canada controlled by secular separation laws could help weed out Marxist zeitgeist and that's not 100% terrible' and 'mixed people can still fit in and they're not the norm so we shouldn't persecute them'. I spend a lot of time in the circlejerk of Twitter's extreme radical Alt-Right, which is a pleasure and a curse. Compared to the intellectual neoreactionaries, Twitter is full of deep south KKK and ultra-racist who are ready to spew out 'hang all the niggers' at the first opportunity. Those people make me feel ashamed to be Alt-Right because I know that racism is a pillar to our foundation and so is stigmatization, but I actually truly hate to see it in action. This is mainly because I am a woman and I have stronger empathy than men concerning 'others' outside my religion, race and sex. Hence why I think some of the best MRA's are women (Karen Straughn for example). But I digress, I return to post a few posts after a long hiatus of intense wifery, mothering and listening to vaporwave while cooking up pumpkin treats for my hardworking husband.

Recently, I've been feeling alienated from the way the MSM calls anything 'Alt-Right' part of 'Trump Supporters'. Personally, I do 'support' Trump on some of his policies, but not as much for others. I am against his environmental policies, because I am an environmentalist, and I think he's seriously in bed with some powerful Jews. It make me believe that the MSM wants to make the public think that the Alt-Right is a small, puny group of less than a million people. Honestly, the KKK at its peak went up to 2 million (in the 30's). Will we surpass this number with our new white nationalist/supremacist movement? I don't know, but with the internet, movements can take on new flairs and shapes more appealing to many, creating flavours and cults for numerous types of whites that are tired of being demographically replaced in their own countries. Personally, I like the Nazi flavour. I am a Hitler supporter first and the MSM does not want the public to understand this, to know this kind of flavour of white nationalism. I think we all have been brought together by Pepe (or Kek) in a time where there was a need to spread a sense of identity and community that was solely needed. For me, a Canadian, I have no cultural identity, no national identity, and I live amongst people like Muslims who do, only they are in my land. Our governments have been spoiling out history and sense of determination for years and now we are 'post-national' which is taking a step toward one of the first globalist nations. Yeah, the crime rate is still pretty low, and people say it's because Canada is tolerant, but this moment is a calm before a storm. More will come and the anti-racist, white-hate zeitgeist will take its full form and the Aryan race in Canada will suffer the might of Islam, and low IQ of the sons of Ham. It might take another 20-30 years, but white will be a minority in Canada and Canada will fall if we do not take serious action within the next 10-15 years. I think the movement is happening, and I think more and more people are understanding the failure of democracy, the need for a leader who loves the land and the people who made Canada the wonderful country it was before we stopped replacing ourselves.

To a certain extent, yes, I blame women's liberation. Third-wave feminism is the epitome of disgusting, degenerate and abhorrent to any woman who has dignity and integrity. Women's empowerment is not leading our societies toward utopias, it's making our societies fall. It's already too late and much like the fall of Adam and Eve, it was Adam who gave into the fruit of Eve's whiles who is responsible. Western men should have never bent to the will of the women, but should have asserted their position as dignified, beautiful and something men cannot fully do. Now, in a feminist world, the women like me who are red pilled, have to deal having to exclude normies as friends because they so nonchalantly say: 'If I'd be pregnant now, I'd get an abortion'. *Sigh*

With Canada socially divided so much that there is absolutely no social cohesion (and this will grow), I have to flock to the nearest and biggest moral group there is and that to me, is my church. I do to an Anglican fundamentalist church where almost 80% of people are creationists. Christians in the Alt-Right are their own flavour, often Catholic, which isn't real Christianity, but has its own beauty, white merits and authoritarian positions (which is why I think people like it). I doubt a Catholic theocracy would ever happen and I think it would probably be a terrible thing, except I think we are seriously going to need a Crusade 2.0. 

And while many of these sub-groups of nationalistic Canadians, or Christians, or white people who are tired of having to self-hate to receive the love of other fellow ethnomasochists. Love God, not the world! Love God, not man! Love God, not the self! I think there is a growing amount of Canadian paleo-cons or Alt-Right emerging, disgusted by Social Democracy, feminism, Islam and other absolutely degenerate filth. The far-right is here and we're ready for anything. We don't care about Trump, we care about the white race, we care about our own politics, we care about giving a national identity to our children, to have social cohesion.

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