Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Muslims in! Marxists out! --A Defense of Islam in Canada

All right, so we all don't want Islam to propagate in the West. However, there are good points to the rise of a more traditional, patriarchal and conservative way of life. Perhaps, if Canada takes in the Syrian refugees, perhaps there will be pressure to be more conservative and we might be able to make the secularists understand that they are locked into a Marxist ideology and that their values are more Christians than Jewish.

Marxist are worse than the average Muslim. They are. They really are. Average muslims are not bombing each other to pieces and committing jihad, they're just people but also Muslim. If we take many normal non-radical Muslim families, no single males, single women yes, and children yes, they might be good, honourable, hard-working citizens and might drown out the voices of the shrill liberals. They might take a stand in front of one of them, they might agree with our policies. We might be able to have a healthy conservative government because they're sure as hell are NOT going to vote for trans rights and all that nonsense. Unfortunately, Canada already has the unholy rights of same-sex marriage under the state and 'trans' people are now a protected class, much like women I should add. Marxism is bringing anti-white rhetoric, anti-male sentiments and anti-nationalistic garbage that anyone with a head on their shoulders can see in completely insane and illogical. Muslims see it too. They see us as cucked, stupid, whorish, degenerate. Perhaps, with this budding conservatism and rise of uneasiness toward perversions and degeneracy, we can change our ways for the better.

Canada is multi-ethnic, and it doesn't seem to be too problematic right now. I think it's because everyone's treading on eggshells, and there isn't too much of a victim cult going on with anyone, apart from white people. What will Muslims bring? Hopefully they will bring common sense, God, and traditional family values that are solely lacking. Diversity is not strength, we know this, but the similarity that Islam and Christianity has may homogenize and end up oppressing the Marxists, which would be a breath of fresh air. I think second generation Canadian Muslims, the children of those arriving and those who will grow up here will not radicalize, especially if the liberals stop acting like sluts and we might see the women remove their hijabs and the men's authority calm a bit. Still, I like Muslims values, as an NRx I'm basically a white version of a Muslim. I just don't want them imposing their values on the Christian system, but since the system is often secular... there might be a vacuum available to slip in some Sharia bullshit. We cannot let this happen.

I heard Muslims have been desiring to send their children to Catholic schools, which makes sense and it would be honestly nice to see some of those schools return to life! 

Two cents spent. Have a great day, guys!

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