Sunday, 2 October 2016

Beta Male Brainwashes Children into SJWism

I was quite horrified recently when I found that in my province there was an event being planned called 'Philosophy for Children'. The man who organizes it, if I am able to call him a man without giggling, has a bit more meat on his body than a skeleton and seems to be into circus and artsy things. I will not name the group that he is organizing this event with, but here is the text.

Encourage democratic exchanges. Yes, because all the white children who will be there will face inequality due to their life choices and the women will all be raped and oppressed by the males, so, let's all be one and let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

There are no wrong or right answers, oh yes, and the activity is for children ages 6 to 8. I had a 17-year-old co-worker once and when I said the world philosophy she sneered and said she didn't care about it. When I asked her about existence and self she was interested for a few minutes, but then shrugged and said she had other interests. Children? Try they won't care for a second about this. This is bible study. I also like the part where it says 'this is not supposed to be an activity that guides the child toward thinking morally, or moral thinking', so this is not Bible Study, but it is about how democracy is the best way to function and that we should encourage our children to think and to empathize. Literally one of their criteria is to 'show proof of empathy' which is hilarious because children who have shown empathy like in the documentary 'Jesus Camp' have been said to have been exposed to child abuse. This is the same thing.

The group is called Égalia, which automatically means 'we're making your children into feminists/SJWs'. Already that the beta who is hosting this meeting is a self-hating male who will pass down his self-hatred to the boys whose feminist mothers thought it was a good idea to have them sit in a fucking room every Monday and talk about race and sex like they are the most important things in the life of a 6 to 8-year-old.

I would not like to be the black woman there or the white woman there, or any woman there. It sounds like a nightmare come true, where my white male son is going to be deprecated, called a potential rapist and oppressor of women, where we'll talk about privilege and how we all made mistakes when it comes to how poorly we empathize.

They claim that the course is 'without direction' so that the animator will not be 'directing the children's conversation' but there will be topics, right? Because how can the children talk to each other about something they want them to talk about? Do they want the boys and girls to talk to each other about Spongebob? Because they will. I had guy friends, but we didn't talk about anything. We played soccer, raced to see who was fastest, played pranks on the teachers and bonded this way. I learned from boys what it was like to risk things and rebel against authority. I learned from woman how to console others and to let your emotions go. I do know, however, that those traits do not need to be forced onto people.

SJW's manipulate their new members by forcing them through humiliating emotional tests that require them to create a worldview based in oppression, discrimination, racism and fear. 
  • They expect whites to weep in empathy for the crimes of the black man in recent years and also for slavery. 
  • They expect blacks to obsess over the poor treatment of blacks in the past and stay in their place of being unable to do anything except expect the white man to change. 
  • They expect men to weep for all the raped women in the world. 
  • They expect women to cry in the face of their own victimhood. 
And if you do not show them that empathy, that remorse and regret, that anxiety this makes you feel, then you do not pass the test. You are not worthy of being a moral authority, you are not a moral person. You'll be a deplorable, that's about it. Woman refusing feminism? Gender traitor! Man refusing feminism? Rape-enabler! Black refusing BLM-like bullshit? Coon! Uncle Tom! White refusing BLM-like bullshit? Racist bigot!

It's a lose-lose situation, and this company wants to start to make everyone feel like shit and join the absolute worst cult of the century: Anti-Christianity. 

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