Wednesday, 5 October 2016

On the Spiritually-Minded Left

The left is often devoid of spirituality. They have the Wiccans and the Neopaganists and the pseudoscientific and the hypocritical protestants and Catholics, but their spirit comes through in the way they view people.

Neoreactionaries often use archetypes and stereotypes in order to talk about race and sex. It's a flaw we're all aware of, but it is also the acknowledgement that those archetypes and stereotypes are real. It is true that black children without a steady family life and a father to discipline them, may become violence and out-of-control more so than a white child of that same circumstance. Black neighbourhoods are not devoid of anything safe and nice because of 'institutionalized racism' or 'systems of oppression' they are as such because blacks men have been proven to have more testosterone and "war is to man what motherhood is to women" seems to be deeply rooted in the minds of the black male.

But I digress. There are other numerous instances where the left uses spirituality in order to make their arguments. The one, about men and women. Feminists and SJW's believe that men and women are the same. They have the same brain, the same wants and desires, the same emotional responses, responsibilities and truths, life goals, etc etc etc. The reality is that men and women are vastly different. What all human should acknowledge, however, is that despite the differences between men and women, they should both be treated with respect and dignity. They should not suffer from any form of poor treatment because of their sex. (I have apologized for misogyny and have heard numerous examples that defend misogyny has a a natural occurent in society today due to the high level of violence boys and girls face from frustrated mothers in a society that hates motherhood and mothers, but also because of women being straight-up insane. Feminists may have misandric feelings, the important thing here is to be self-aware). But in trying to make men and women equal in every respect, we are saying that women and men SHOULD react the same way for every situation. But they won't. A woman who will be cheated on will be infuriated at the cheater and the one he cheated on her with. A man who will be cheated on will often be far more self-critical and think it was his fault. This can be really damaging for any relationships he will have in the future and of his view of women. Women in a bad relationship or many with men, can become a lesbian, easily. A man will not become gay if he has bad relationships with women.The point is that men and woman are extremely different from each other, our responses are different, our strengths are in different places and to expect a young man not to get an erection when a beautiful girl is teasing the hell out of him is nonsensical. The spirit of the human is stronger than the sex of that person, to the left. It is, they're right, but it takes a large amount of control and it is a life-long process. We still, however, remain our XX and XY's until the end of our days. Sex IS gender.

The spirit of the left continues when the topic of sexuality comes up. Once more, it is about 'who' you fall in love with, not 'what genitals' you fall in love with. Gender is already a spirit that travels from person-to-person in a metaphysical in utero etherway to the left, sexuality has also been said to be a social construct. All people are bisexual and all people should experiment with all types of sexuality in order to find their preference and stay with that preference. So, all people should sleep with at least 10 people in order to see who made you tingle harder. As long as they're over 18 and willing, though and a human. Ok, ok, I won't get into the hardcore sexual deviancies, but there are obvious reasons why this is in itself a construct. Sexuality is a man and a woman making one flesh and having one blood. The rest is fetish. And if one fetish is all right, then all fetish should be all right, except the ones that are not all right for reasons that are obvious. Fetish should be constructed in a marriage bed, should be something that the married couple engages in because they are allowed to have erotic adult activity. But to live a life where all you do is revel with your fetish, then the delusion that you are creating for yourself in order to sustain your sexual deviancy and degeneration should be accounted for. For SJW's, if there is no prejudice then anything is possible for the spirit. A woman can fall in love with another woman because she loves who the other one is inside. But can't that powerful love of the other simply be a healthy amount of empathy? Of sororal love? Of gentle surrender of the soul into the soul of another female? Why must the relationship dissolve into lustful passion? Why must the women engage sexually with each other in order to continue feeling this? They can and honestly we can get into how close women can get without crossing boundaries in another post, but I can promise that that friendship two women can have can be powerful and important and sex will ruin it. It will activate the artificial, will make both women desire each other in the same way that a man desires the woman of another man. They will commodify and possess each others' genitals and reduce their pleasure to the idea of them being two women. That is lust. That is where the boundaries are crossed.

And yet, you can call me out for being spiritually-minded as well, but at least I am aware of it and I admit it. Mine is backed by thousands of years of human thought and wisdom. I know how different men and women are. I have delved into fetish in my young adulthood so much it made me ill and insane and the remnants of this still affect me today in a negative way. I know that maturity is difficult and it has far more to do with selflessness and humility than with any form of sin. The left is degenerate, it is sinful, it upholds all of the vices with pride as its banner-man.

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