Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Don't Berate Us: On Sex Segregation

Recently, I've been patronized by men for having an opinion. It seems I 'never have it right' or 'don't represent something very well' and am put down enormously. I get it, you're Alt-Right, I get it you're all about asserting yourself, but I've been finding that there are a lot of men who uplift themselves solely on the basis that they are calling women inferior. Much of the MGTOW movement is become a dangerous cult of misogyny, a 'masculinism' movement much like feminism. While I had apologized for the 'misogyny' of the Alt-Right earlier in my blog, claiming that thinking the sexes were different was not misogyny, I realized that where we differ with SJW's is also where we are similar. The sexes are equal, and we live in a patriarchy. We both agree that the world is male dominated, but while SJW's desire a matriarchy or a completely egalitarian society (will never happen, matriarchy either, clearly) the Alt-Right desires the patriarchy and sees its benefits and strength. It is the only system, and an anarchic patriarchy like Christianity seems solid and fertile for development. But much like in the Bible, it claims a man should love his wife more than himself, men should love women, because women are the fairer and weaker sex. Loving means treating her well.

Do not patronize a woman who is attempting to learn something in your political movement. Do not claim that she cannot learn, that she is incapable of being what you are. You're not helping and it means that you are unable to sustain your own masculinity without putting down the humanity of someone else.

If you're a misogynist, a patronizer of women, you are a cuck, you are weak, you are a pussy. Much like we believe in the superiority of the white race, the intrinsic and genetic superiority of the white race, we also believe in the superiority of the male sex. Males are stronger, just that makes them overall more foundational to civiliation, but are useless with without women. You cannot sustain any worthwhile Western society if you rape your women and treat them like cattle. Move to Afganistan and become a desert barbarian if you want to do that, but there is no place for you here.

We know men have kinship in a patriarchy. Men have power. But we also do not see it as normative, we see it as natural. We know men hold more power in academic writing and must sustain this patriarchy through a lot of hard work, but when you act in a way that puts down women in order to make yourself look good, you're doing a disservice to everything you stand for in the Alt-Right.

"We need women in this movement." You'll never have women in this movement if your claims of masculine superiority rest on berating women. You'll have hypocrisy.

I don't mind being told 'this is not your place' concerning a matter related to men's issues. I understand that when a woman is present in a conversation men tend to police themselves and it 'takes away the fun out of things'. If men want their own men-spheres, fine. I don't mind being assigned a place 'for women' and to be with my own gender, honestly I believe we lack places like this in this world. But don't do it because you think we can't handle it, that we're going to 'ruin' it, because we're lesser than you and intellectually inferior. You want to be supreme, you want to brag and boast about how Western women are free and equal and happier than other women in the world? well then don't bring us down. You give us freedom, you give us options, you let us be able to determine our lives and in exchange we will thank you, obey, listen, and upkeep what we have. We're not feminists who demand you to kneel before us, we're not women who hate our country, who empathize with every single other person on the planet: we are your women, and if you believe that you are deserving of us, make sure that you do not remove our agency, victimize us, berate us, and call us names. I know the serious NRx are not like this, but if you're new to the Alt-Right or you consider yourself a masculinist who hates everything about feminism and ends up being straight up misogynist, then you have no power, no dignity, no masculinity.

That said, I'll end on this food for thought: Why are you pissed off at women voicing their fear of men and the power of men? If you believe yourself to be emotionally superior and better than women, to think that women should be pawned around for your social engineering that you know where women should be and what they should do, why are you worried about feminization? Why do you even care about feminism and social justice fads that will end up dying? Do you actually care about the future of our society or are you just masturbating at your desk all day to Mein Kampf  and dreaming of having a traditional wife who'll blow you on command? Give me a fucking break. The women in this movement refuse to be oppressed by men, that's why they're here. We give into men, we are ready to be pawned and to to have a chief to guide us, but we will not tolerate to be pawned by anything less than the best. The best is a man who cannot be harmed by emotions, who is constantly assertive, to imposes himself and who wins his battles and his conquests every single time. You know that we seek a benevolent CEO, a dictator, a King. Democracy is dead and we should take care of ourselves first. Well, forget the feminists, forget the social justice retards, forget the stupid women in your life and move on.

The Alt-Right does not care about your feelings and your feelings toward women are getting in the way of your actually being a man. Man the fuck up and stop berating us.


  1. I am confused. Are you asserting that MGTOW is a part of the Alt-Right? The goals of the two groups couldn't be more diametrically opposed.

  2. I am confused. Are you asserting that MGTOW is a part of the Alt-Right? The goals of the two groups couldn't be more diametrically opposed.

    1. Nah, sorry, but let's just say there are some men who claim to be Alt-Right and also to be MGTOW. It's a question of ideology, you can still believe in a political system and a social system is somewhat at odds. You're completely right that they're incompatible. There are many betas who think they are Alt-Right but ultimately just think 'it's cool' without understanding the necessity and reality of the movement. The message was mainly to them, because in the beginnings of this blog I only had positive feedback from Alt-Right men; they didn't patronize me. The movement went mainstream because of the election so clearly there are going to be newfags who will act cucky and we'll spot them out.