Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Riverfront Times Smears Alt-Right Journalist

Daniel Hill, writer in the Riverfront Times in St. Louis has written a smear piece on a lovely and brilliant YouTuber known as Blonde in the Belly of the Beast. She was called a racist moron among other meaningless things and then this Daniel Hill went off and doxxed her brother and father. The SJW's are fighting back, clearly they will, because they simply refuse to see the truth. Since then, Daniel Hill has taken down his Twitter and other means of social communication for fear that he has dealt with the wrong people.

Being doxxed is a criminal offense and Daniel Hill is now a criminal. He is like all SJW, a degenerate narcissist who brings others down in order to virtue-signal. But all this has done is make him into a target for his entire life. People can say what they wish about Blonde, if they watch her videos they will see that she is not racist, but reporting on race, being truthful about situations that are ugly, such as gang violence in the black community. St. Louis is one of the worst for black crime and she has firsthand knowledge of it.

I don't need to defend her. She can stand up for herself, but she's suffered a hit that should not have been and Daniel Hill will not be taken to justice for his cruelty.

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