Thursday, 4 February 2016

Traditionalists and a bit of Jesus

This might come off as really mean, but think of this. All those gender-queer, trans-whatever people who don't want kids and won't have kids because they're going to have their sexual organs removed, their genes are going to die. Those who will have children will be what trans-queer-gender-different and feminists call "traditionalists". These "traditionalists" are men who like women who want children and a family, and women who like men who want children and a family. These people come together and share their lives, so that they can have moral support from the loyal, loving partners, as well as time-sharing, so that the most work can be done the most efficiently. Team work makes the dream work and trust me, it does. What pisses me off and numerous people around me about this is that it is almost shunned by women and 'free women' and feminists that I don't sleep with many people, or have a career. I have a baby son, and people would ask me as I am heavily pregnant if I was going to have an abortion. When I denied them, frowning, (because I'm way too pregnant for you to be asking me this and to be asked that when you are waiting for your baby miracle is like being asked someone when they're going to murder their own child. When?) they were shocked! You're 22! You're just starting your life and you want to have responsibility?

Well, it did become an issue for me. At one point, I said to myself, it would be nice to experience things and go out and have adventures and travel and go crazy, but then I started talking to women who were like that. A lot of them are miserable. A lot of them have depression. A lot of them don't trust men anymore, nor do they believe in stable man-woman relationships. Some have been raped, or molested, used and abused, and they are disillusioned and broken from all the negative experience. So, sure, you have short bursts of ecstasy and fun, but then you have long tumbles of spiraling evil and negativity that crushes you.

I was catholic growing up, but fell out of religion quickly. I have a university degree in Religious Studies, which is the scientific and psychological approach of course, not actually religious. It's true that you don't need religion to give you your morals, but recently I've been quite fond of this one Jesus quote (paraphrased): Love your enemies. Forgive them. If you would lack love, you would want it. If you would need forgiveness, you would want it.

A lot of feminism is about bashing on men who have wrong them. It's about denouncing men for being rapists and scoundrels, disgusting scum. It's so hateful. A lot of those men are obviously deranged but why hate on them? They need help. They need someone to help them. If you're thinking that I'm trying to convert you or something, I'm not. I just want to share. It's up to you what you take in and what you leave behind and there is no judgement in that.

I believe in the cardinal vices.

Pride: Pride, easy. It's okay to have some pride, but to have too much leads you to be unconscious of your emotions and choices. Pride is when you are stuck in an idea or ideology and you cannot escape. Pride breeds shame, for when you realize you have too much pride, it makes you feel dirty and shameful. Pride is very common and very dangerous.
Greed: Greed is an excess of desire. You want too much. You lose yourself in needing material wealth or the material bodies or feelings of others. You are no longer yourself. Greed makes you lose empathy. Greed can make you sociopathic, making you abandon your family, your friends in order to satiate constant reoccurring desires (lust comes into play here, as well as gluttony). Greed in itself is like a booster for all over vices.
Lust: Lust is extremely common in our world. It's fine to be sexually attracted and to want to share your body, but there is an excess. If you are constantly in need of sexual satisfaction and you will do almost anything to have it, you are sexually obsessed. Men will get girls to come over to their place and rape them. Girls will objectify men as a sex toy and use them, manipulate them emotionally often. Lust does not have anything to do with 'worth' I'm tired of hearing about 'self-worth'. You're not 'worth' anything. You are an organic compound that erupted out of the earth! Lust has to do with your own bodily respect. It's quite complex.
Sloth: Laziness, pure and simple. A lot of people are in front of screens and not doing anything else than Facebook and texting. They don't care about their classes and they end up depressed and downtrodden. Keep yourself busy! Don't let the existentialist doubt sink in!
Gluttony: So the majority of people are overweight and obese and it's really difficult to ignore the gluttony crisis. A lot of people say that eating makes them feel good, and that's normal, but you need to exercise all that fatty sweet food out of you. Eating well is crucial, but keeping fit as well. I hate it when people claim that we 'shame' fat people. No, we're not telling you you're not allowed to exist because you are overweight, but you will die at 35 of a heart attack and you will have to wash your folds numerous times a day if you don't want mushrooms to start growing under there.
Wrath: Wrath is something I would say third-wave feminists have. Too much anger. Too much hate. The world is already so evil and disgusting, couldn't we all just calm down a little and enjoy a cup of tea and just talk. Wrath I see it a lot in ideologies, in religions where people are so adamant about things. I see it in war-torn countries where there is mass rape (please feminists go there and missionize, they need it!) and mass murder.
Envy: People need a bit of envy. It drives you. It makes you realize yourself, but then there's too much envy. I suffer a bit from this, or did. We all sort of do, but we have to realize that it's useless. The grass is always greener on the other side, meaning that by being envious, we will never be happy. Contemplate the present, love what you have, be grateful. Being envious is just a dark, brooding sensation that you have less and others have more.

Sin is real. The sin of adultery is real. A lot of feminists claim that 'they're body is theirs' and because of that, they will never get married, they will not be loyal. It's fine, really, because it just proves that their genetics are made for wanderlust, but because of contraception and abortion, they won't have children and so that kind of nymphomaniac or if I am nice heavily sexual woman won't pass down her genes anyway in our society. This goes back to how traditionalist people will be in control of the next generation, and will pass down genes of loyalty and family instead of a variety of genetic diversity. It's fine to be diverse, like men who spread their seed in different places with different women or women who have multiple babies with multiple men (although I think that's less likely in Western society), because hey, genetic diversity rules! But tangent over (sorry about that), if you ground yourself with another, share your life with them, share each other's bodies and souls sexually, you cannot betray them to another without permission. (I think you can talk something before, if you absolutely have a person you need to experience eroticism with, your partner might let you have protected sex with them. I think it should be all right to keep an open mind to a certain extent, maybe? Not sure completely.) If you sin against your loved one, you will feel what sin is like.
I read an article once about 'sin'. It was a religious mother who told her child that the sentiment of shame for drawing on the wall was sin. Come on, that's not sin. Sin is a disgusting, twisted feeling inside of you that eats you up every second of every day.
And this brings me back to those who have sinned. A few minutes can ruin your life, in a world of feminists that will want you to be in jail forever for having made a cruel mistake. I don't want to equate sexual disloyalty with rape, but if you were in bad place in your life, that you've been sexually trained and have distorted views, you need help, love, caring and support. If you don't get that, you might end up doing something you might later regret. Men who rape women commit a crime, should have punishment and should apologize to the woman, but in order for us to help him realize this, we need to help them, be loving, be caring. We need to tell these men that they are not monsters, and that life is not over. We often target sexual offenders and tell neighborhoods that they are around and that they should be avoided, and that only causes fear, and it makes them feel targeted, isolated, and it might trigger back negative views and past ways. Love your enemy, I say. Forgive them, as they would forgive you if you wronged them.

There is a reason I want a family. I want to be what I was create to be. I want to raise children to be great in their lives, to bring up life! I am not a conventional person, I am very fringe society, because I see so much evil in there. I will protect my daughter and teach her to be careful around strange men. I will teach both my son and daughter (if I have a daughter, lol I'm imagining my daughter! I'm a Mormon now?!) to respect others, and to respect both their emotions, their psychology and their bodies. I will teach them to be grateful, to be imaginative, expressive, creative, smart, critical, rational and I will not shelter them. They will still make mistakes and learn from them, and I will tell them to value all experience, but I will comfort them and never judge them for what they have been doing that has hurt them. I will never shame them. I will love them and forgive them. And that to me is my personal growth on a high level.

(I want to include that in this post as in earlier posts, I was becoming a Christian and I was still much in doubt!)

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