Monday, 1 February 2016


 Recently I watched the controversial video documentary 'White People'. It wasn't an attack on anyone, and it didn't really portray much of white people, but we did get to see how sensitive and active racism issues still are today. Near the end of the video, a white, young man was telling the filmmaker that he was hosting white privilege seminars. He claimed that they were healthy, and that it was important for men, white men, to know how they were privileged and what to do about it. I toyed mentally with the idea, but I felt like there was something intrinsically wrong with it. Indeed, I then watched another Lauren Southern video, this time about privilege.

Saying that white people are privilege is like saying that the rest of the people who are not white are victim, are lesser and this is by definition, racist. There is a lot of racism and I see it today. I grew up in a mainly white city, but now, times are changing and I see many different races around. I started to know some people of colour, and I soon found out that a lot of them, from looking at their Facebook profiles, were horrendously sexist or racist toward whites and especially white men. What I know is that most of those people have preconceived notions that prevent them from healing concerning past events that have touched their people as a whole. Perhaps they have had negative relationships with white men, and that's not difficult to understand either.

Privilege, as Southern beautifully says, is a way to attack someone based on their characteristics instead of their arguments, ideologies, individuality--basically who they actually are! It stems from mainly Gender Studies, propagated through academia, and Social Justice Warriors (SJW) from Tumblr and other social media. It is intrinsically racist to call whites superior in order to have a reason to hate them. To victimize yourself in order to gain anything from it is manipulative and socially awkward.

To help this, I would like to mention an event that was close to me. I will try to be objective, although my emotions at the time were raging. Recently I had a class at school and we were talking about pre-national Canada, basically when we were settlers in Ottawa and the main industry was in logging. Loggers were men who would jump from log to log in order to keep them flowing down the man-made canal Rideau. If you fell into the water, not only did a lot of men not know how to swim, your life would likely be ended from your head being squished by the heavy logs bumping their massiveness against each other. And a few feminists in the class dared say: the women were doing most of the work back then. Sure. Yes, they were doing laundry, cooking, taking care of the babies, but they were settlers! They were communal! Grandmothers would help with the grand-children, younger sisters would help with the cooking. Girls weren't having babies at 12, and at 12 they could do a hell of a lot more than 12-year-old girls today. Instead of valourizing that, of saying: wow, look how hardy the women were, they have to bring down the men, to call them out on not 'doing their job AND the woman's work too!' in order to victimize the woman so that they, as modern women, can feel valourized. This is a HUGE HUGE HUGE problem!

We cannot use this 'privilege' term as a label in society. As soon as you use it, it causes racist tensions to rise. You call white men privilege and those who will not think critically about that, will feel privileged and might act according to what you label it (this is a minority of people, obviously). Also, white privilege would go to women as well, and so there is no reason feminists should feel like victims of this as well. Not that feminists are willing to listen to any of this anyway.

America has a black man for a president. The first lady is adored throughout America and Canada.  A woman (not a very nice one) is running for president and she is hated not because she has a vagina, because is a corporate, conniving, sociopath! How can people still say that there is such a thing and to propagate it? Ah yes, I know why, because Feminism and SJW's are not for Egalitarianism, and are Sexist and Racist, and it's honestly frustrating for everyone out there who is actually trying to live peacefully and to strive to earn merit. This is why we need masculinism, and we need to activate it, not because it necessarily pushes egalitarianism, but it does shed light on the issues that are being ignored.

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