Thursday, 28 January 2016

Youtube Anti-Feminism

I'm not a man, but I've seen a lot of men on the internet react violently to extreme waves of modern feminism. You've probably heard of TJ, the Amazing Atheist, or Sargon of Akkad, Thunderf00t and others of the same genre. What I mainly have to say about these men is that they are all individuals, reacting differently to the same thing. What we must understand is that they are reacting in a way that shows no restraint. One may be more emotional, one may be a bit more satirical and the other simply rational. They are the voices of groups of people, (who watch them and make them famous) and most of those fans are male, but some are female, who have problems with feminism, and especially extreme feminism that appears on social media.

I once wrote this quote: "If you call a beast by a name, it will ascribe to it."

To call men rapists, to say that men have no say in their rights, that they are oppressors and dictators, is to perpetuate the idea that men are like this, amongst men and women. Patriarchy is actually reinforced by this type of violence, because psychologically, if men feel attacked by a group, they will tend to relate the malaise that erupts from this to other men and they will band. They do it, on Reddit, on forums, in games. Of course, a lot of men will not be beasts, they are rational, normal people who will just say: wow, those women are crazy... and go on with their day. But constant harassment (for men who might go to a highly-feminist University (I go to one, yes I will talk about it later) can force men to need to express themselves. Echo chambers will form and in those ideologies will form about how they are perceived by women. In this, they might start to have negative feelings and attitudes toward women. I'm not saying they'll rape, but you never know. All you need in a confused, perhaps mentally 'different' person (perhaps sociopathic) or someone who is by nature irrational, violent, deeply troubled, and it may fuel violent behaviour directed toward the source. Men are beings of stress and to bash them concerning issues that at first did not touch them at all (like rape or violence toward women) can make them want you to shut up. The amount of posts I've read that said 'I want Anita Sarkeesian to be raped' make that all too real. It doesn't mean that good men will start raping. It means that sociologically, men see that men's attitudes toward feminist activists as negative and destructive and start to think that more and more men think this.
Men don't like to victimized, not because they've never been, but because no one should like that. Victimized men at the arms of feminism end up agreeing with the women and cowering into feminism themselves. So men will band together, and in this day and age, will band with women like Lauren Southern, who will empathize with what's happening. Hardcore, misandric feminism will always end up creating more heads on the hydra than chopping them down.
So, okay, there are a few extreme feminist who ruin the fun for 'real' feminists to exist. Actually, what's happening now is that there is so many extreme feminists resonating on social media, that it's causing all feminism to be tainted by this. It's like 'Christianity' which has such a negative and unfortunate negative connotation to it.
I want to raise awareness to these types of issues. Don't hate on YouTubers who represent groups, who have something to say. Let men express themselves. Women and men both have the right to express themselves in the way that they want.

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