Thursday, 28 January 2016

Why not Feminism? On what I cannot fathom in this Ideology

I am a woman. I am a mother. I live in Canada, in Quebec, in a reasonably-sized city, but nothing near the hugeness of Montreal. Over the years, I've lived my life very normally. I wasn't really religious or anything, but I went into Religion in University and ended up doing a major. I am in an environment presently that challenges my views on God and religion very deeply. I have numerous friends who are atheists and who cannot understand religion or 'spirituality'. I have issues with these things myself, and recently, I've been having more and more issues on gender.

I'm not into Gender Studies, or anything of the likes, but I am bombarded every single day with hardcore feminist attitudes and to reciprocate these attitudes are male, (usually atheist) egalitarians who have no problem with normal feminism, but who have a difficult time understanding why women feminists are so extreme about 'feminist' issues.

To cut it short, I've made a list of things I cannot fathom concerning Feminism:

1. Why blame feminist issues on men?
I know, I know. 'Feminism is about equal rights' well then why isn't it called 'Egalitarianism'? Why does the female have to be lowered into a position of victimization in order to then have a reason to activate its self-worth through well... being an activist! It's like as if dogs would hurt themselves and then go to a animal-rights centre and whine in order to make their owners look like shit. Men have their role in why we need feminism (and right now, I am excluding Eastern countries with hardcore religion and war, because that's another issue completely. If you want that, go to another blog. Personally, I think we need hardcore extreme feminism over there, but not here. It has to change, it has to be different) but there are issues not spoken of in numerous circles.

2. 'Patriachy'
Patriarchy is a sociological conceptualization created by feminists, which they then use in order to say that they are oppressed by it. In their logic, patriarchy also ends up affecting men, perhaps more than they would like to think. This is not addressed, nor cared about.

3. Rape
Rape is blown out of proportion in feminist circles. A video came out a while ago, with Lauren Southern and as soon as feminists heard her speak, they automatically started making sure she was put in her place. This is some violent women-on-women feminist issue that needs to be addressed as well, later. Lauren spoke of rape and how there are more men who are raped annually than women (by men) because there is rape in prisons. She is absolutely right. American prisons are full to the rim with people who don't deserve to be there, fathers, sons and lovers who are being anally raped every day by aggressors. I want to say, that I am not a rape apologist, and I do not want to make you think that I think rape is normal and okay, I know that it's horrible on numerous levels (and I mean real horror, which is something I will also address in another post), but anal rape is seriously more harmful than vaginal rape. If you've accidentally had a slip up during sex and your man stuck it up the wrong hole, but just a little, like not all in... yeah... imagine, numerous times, by numerous men, violently. At least a vagina can take a little. I'm JUST SAYING. Stop using rape to justify your cause. It goes two ways.

4. The majority of men are nice
Most men are good and agree that women should be free. Men who don't, are base assholes who you wouldn't want to be friends with or have a conversation with anyway. We cannot assume that all men hate women, want women to be subservient to them. Some men might need a nudge, and we don't need it to be done violently. We need to talk about issues, face-to-face, in a non-feminist or -masculinist way.

5. Huge HUGE Double-Standards
Men have less rights than women do, and that's a fact. People keep on asking why men would do such a terrible thing to 'the weaker sex' when in the end, there is an overwhelming amount of female privilege in this world (unless they are actually oppressed). Dominating the 'weaker sex' sounds illogical, perhaps it is because the one who bears the next generation is seen as a threat to the entire identity of the male. Still, the disgusting amount of double-standards everywhere is astonishing and ridiculous.

6. New, Ugly Terminology
Some of it is fun because you can use it against them.
Gaslighting: When someone maximizes or minimizes the validity of an experience the person had in order to control them. In other words: using magic in order to control someone's thoughts. Some feminists use this to talk about how some people have minimized their rape experience by saying mean things like 'it's your fault' and 'you led him on'. Admittedly, that's horrible, but what is equally horrible, is when you confess a bad sexual experience to someone and they gaslight you and maximize the situation, terrorizing you into thinking that you were raped by a rapist who is a misogynistic asshole. It happened to me. I was gaslighted maximally by feminists and it caused me pain, but it was useful because now I'm no longer a Libtard. Thank God.

I like this comic :P

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